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Payroll Alliance is the trusted partner to hundreds of large and medium sized corporations, payroll bureaux and government departments.  By combining the traditional with the latest technologies Payroll Alliance can ensure that no matter how you like to access information or learn, you can tailor our services to suit your needs.  Our dedicated team of staff writes and delivers all of the learning materials themselves, as well as manning our helpline, so that you know you are always speaking to an expert who knows the subject matter intimately.  

Please note: that all Membership, Training and Qualification fees exclude VAT. 


Payroll Alliance Membership


Payroll Alliance memberships help payroll professionals to improve their knowledge, access essential payroll information sources - online and offline - and make significant savings. Click here to find out more about our four different membership options to meet your specific needs.

Payroll Alliance Qualifications


Payroll Alliance provide a range of BTEC, Edexcel accredited qualifications that offer stepping stones to increase knowledge and  awareness of the complexities that are part of working within payroll. Click here to find out more about our qualifications that are offered on a classroom, distance learning and online basis. 

Payroll Alliance Training


Payroll Alliance provide a wide range of training courses catering to all levels of expertise. Click here to view our training calendar and enrol for one of our upcoming courses.